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    Good evening Folks,

    So, I have finally managed to come to the point where I can start with the final setup phase….

    I have finally managed to compile the program and have it uploaded to the board with Success! I accessed the Terminal port and sees the same type of text as shown in the video. I then moved on to the next phase of setupa according to the “Setting up and configuring the SandBot” page.

    this is where I’m stuck….

    When I try to access the the WIFI (using the command “> w/SSID/PASSWORD/HOSTNAME”) I keep on getting the following message:

    “RestAPIendpoints: endpoint > w not found”

    I did replace the “SSID” and “Password” according to my wifi settings… However, I believe this si not where the problem is….

    any help on how to get the board connected to the Wifi and resolving the above-mentioned error?



    Nevermind guys…

    Rooky programming mistake…. the “>” should not have been part of the command….LOL

    Thanx anyways!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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