Setting up and configuring the SandBot

So, you’ve built the Sand Table.. compiled the firmware and have it running on the huzzah32… Now What?

I’ll walk through a first time setup to get the bot up and running

DISCLAIMER This will only work if you use the exact board, adalogger feather wing and PCB from my original Sand Table post.

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Connecting To WiFi

Assuming you’ve compiled and downloaded the firmware to the huzzah32 via VSCode, you should be able to open up the serial monitor in VSCode to type in commands to the bot.

This will open up the monitor, and upon booting (or resetting) the processor, you should see something similar to

Notice there is no stored SSID, and the IP address is in the periodic status message. To connect to your wifi network, you will need to type the following into the serial montor at the bottom


Where SSID is your network name, password is the network password, and hostname is the name you want to give your sandbot to appear on the network, and then hit ENTER to send the command.

The bot will restart, and you should then see it connected to your wifi, with a valid IP address

Save this IP address, as this will be how you access the sand table.

Configuring the Sand Bot

Now that you’ve got the bot up and running on the network, you will need to paste the configuration from my original post and save it on the bot.

You will want to open a web browser, and navigate to

http://<SandBot IP>/cncUI.html

Replace SandBot IP with the IP address from above, and you should be presented with this page

You will want to paste the json configuration into the RobotConfig area on the bottom left, and hit save. You can fill in a RobotName if you want too.

Now – reset the huzzah32, and then refresh the web page, and you should see some file information. With no SD card installed, this is the default file system on the microprocessor, which only gives you about 1MB to work with.

With a properly formatted SD card, you will get a lot more space for lots of pattern files!

Micro SD Card Formatting

See the new forum post on Micro SD card formatting


See the new forum post on homing strings


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