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    I’ve been putting together a sand bot off and on for the last couple of weeks and I’ve finally gotten to a point where enough is built/soldered/programmed to do my first power on tests.
    Firmware has been flashed to the Huzzah32, RobotConfig has been set on /cnc.html. 16Gb sd card is reading ok.
    I’ve plugged the Huzzah32 into the pcb and applied 12V to the board, but the Huzzah32 doesn’t come to life.

    Is the Huzzah32 powered independently from the pcb, through it’s usb port? Or I need to start testing my soldering?


    It should be powered from the pcb. Check the pin labeled USB. It should be 5v. If it is, check your grounds as well. If it still doesn’t power up pull the stepper drivers and test. I had some issues with the TMC2209 drivers I used and it would not power up with them installed.


    I’ve got it, it was a duff 5V converter. Swapped that out and I’m fully powered.
    Didn’t help that my multimeter was dead and I had to get a replacement.


    Piggybacking off this topic to ask for help on my PCB. Did everything vworp did: got everything soldered together, flashed the Huzzah32, set robotconfig, put the Huzzah32 into the pcb and plugged it in. Nothing happens. Tested the JST connector on the 120V AC to 12V DC power supply and it reads as 12V. Tested the USB pin on the PCB and it reads as 0. Seems like it’s being lost either on the JST connector on the PCB that the power supply is feeding into or at the 5V voltage converter.

    I bought triple the electronic parts I needed for spares/if I wanted to make a second table as a gift, so I soldered together a second PCB and hooked it up. Same issue.

    I’m pretty new to projects like this, so maybe there’s a simple solution or way to figure out what’s wrong that I’m not seeing. Any advice on how to proceed?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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