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    june wang

    I have encountered a troublesome problem. Please help me to analyze it. I use Matt’s PCB, but I only have one motor that can be powered on. I have replaced several kind of stepping drivers, 4988,2208,2225,but the situation is the same, and only when two specific driving boards are combined, one of them will work, and after changing the position of the driving board, the fixed driving board is still easy to use. This should eliminate the problem of PCB, and the stepping motors will also work. The driver has been replaced so much times that it can’t be broken. I can’t find out the reason. Please help me. Thank you!


    What does your config file look like? Did you set the PIN numbers correctly for each stepper? If using a 4988 Matt’s board should work without changing anything. I was able to get TMC drivers working with a change to the board described in another thread. I would stick to the 4988 drivers until you get it working.


    I had the same problem. The config that is embedded in the code already is wrong. SEE this post
    Error in Robs firmware code

    Rob has the output on one pin but Matt’s board is setup for a different pin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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