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    So i’ve gone ahead and undertook this project for school, now my only issue besides learning most of everything from scratch, is the parts themselves… I AM LOST trying to figure out which parts to print… i had to source everything from 2-3 sites, linked in the main “tutorial”, and i’m now sitting with like a total of 32-35 parts, and can’t figure out the exact ones to print…

    Thanks in advance to whomever is able to make me list.


    You only need the STL files in the github at this link:

    Ignore everything else for now.

    This is a list of files I have:
    Axle Stabilizer x2.stl
    bottom gear lock optical limit v2.stl
    Elbow Clip Optical Endstop v5.stl
    Furniture DC and USB panel v5.stl
    LED Holder.stl
    Lower Arm 184.5.stl
    lower optical limit switch holder v3.stl
    Magnet holder v1.stl
    MotorSpacer x2.stl
    PCB Support v1.stl
    Robot Plate Spacers v3.stl
    slim legs v2.stl
    Upper Arm 184.5.stl
    upper sensor arm v1.stl
    upper sensor holder v1.stl
    UpperCenterGear Belt Separator.stl

    Matt G

    To expand bliksem’s post. The subfolder in my github called “Original Parts” are the untouched parts from Rob’s original model that need to be printed in addition to the models in the root folder. Also included there are the top/base plates as STLs to print, rather than laser cut.

    It also depends on what you want to build. There are several STLs in the folder that are specific to my actual furniture build.
    – Furniture DC and USB panel
    – PCB Support
    – slim legs
    – table spaces
    – LED holder

    are all specific to my build. You may or may not want/need them. All the other parts are essential to building the robot mechanism. The arms are 184.5mm in length to accommodate a ~36″ diameter table – so if you are looking to build that size, the arms will work for you. If you need something bigger or smaller, you will need to customize them using Fusion 360 and the SandTableDesignScara model.

    This is not a one size fits all project. The blog post is more of a guide on customization of Rob’s original project. I customized all of the sensor mounting and belt tensioning of the main arm to what worked for me. Something different may work for someone else.


    Thank you helped a lot, got everything printed out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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