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    Good evening fellow peeps,

    So, with the help of @dfronek, I managed to get the bot drawing some patterns designed in Sandify.

    Thank you very much @dfronek for the assistance so far.

    However, I’m still struggling to get the bot from drawing any other patterns available on the internet (If there is anyone who maybe can assist will be appreciated).

    So, Sandify is really great for the start at the moment to start enjoying the table pattern drawing…. But it seems like I managed to find a glitch somewhere…Below is trying to explain what I’m experiencing:

    Using the standard circle function, a managed to draw a circle with different size circles a well as different amounts of loops. My settings on Sandify were the following:
    Shape: Circle
    Number of Lobes: 1
    Direction: Clockwise
    Initial width: 10
    Initial Height: 10
    X offset: 0
    Y offset: 0
    Reverse Path: unselected
    Loop and transform – Number of Loops: 10
    When transforming shape: Smear
    Scale: 138
    Spin: Not Selected
    Track: Not Selected
    Machine settings:
    Polar Machine with Max radius of 492mm

    So, now I wanted to create a pattern with sandify where the circle is off-center…Therefore, with the majority of settings staying the same but the following settings changed:
    X offset: -78
    Y offset: -4

    When I tried this design, the bot is drawing random patterns. Every time when I design a pattern that does not start in the center the bot doesn’t want to draw… It draws random patterns with no resemblance… Which I believe now is the reason why none of my other patterns may be working….?

    The arm lengths of my bot are both 246mm… making it a total radius arm of 492mm and a total table drawing diameter of 984mm.

    I changed the setting is in the Bot configuration so that the maxval is 246 om both areas where you need to change. In the Sandify app, I indicated the Max Radius under “Machine” tab as 492mm. I played with the Start point and endpoint but it seems that this is also not assisting with the current challenge.

    So my question… did anyone else experience this challenge or know why the bot might not be able to draw patterns that are off-center?

    Kind Regards


    Hi Guys,

    Bumping this post to see if anyone maybe have a possible solution or are experiencing the same challenge?

    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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