Replacing Center Console Arm Rest on 2014 Lexus IS350

So our IS 350 is showing it’s age, and the interior vinyl parts are drying out. The center console arm rest pad developed a tear, so I figured I’d make use of our interior warranty and get them to pay for a new part. I was able to convince them I had the right part, and could replace it myself, so they cut a check as long as I signed something saying I would essentially drop the warranty claim if something didn’t go right.

I ordered the new vinyl cushion piece from OEM Vehicle Parts, whom I’ve used in the past. They have the best prices I’ve found, plus CLUBLEXUS promo gets you 50% off shipping. I’ll take it!

I had to search a bit to figure out what the exact part number for only the cushion piece was, but finally settled on what I thought was correct. 5890553220C1 is the part number for the black interior with gray stitching – link.

On to the replacement. This is a replacement of the arm rest without removing the entire center console. I couldn’t find instructions for this piece anywhere on the internet that didn’t involve tearing apart the whole center console. I was able to accomplish the removal and replacement without complete console removal, but there are a few tricky screws.

Here are the new vs. old parts. I was happy when I opened the package to see I actually ordered the correct part.



To start the removal, you need to remove the rear AC vents. Using an auto-trim removal tool makes this cake. Just push the hook under the vent panel and pull.

You may need 2 pulls to get it completely off.

Once off, you can then remove the underside panel of the arm rest that contains the latch. This is only 4 screws, and some clips. Once the screws are removed, just pull down to release the clips, and the panel should pull off and out.

Removed, to see the clips.

Now the tricky part. The arm rest pad is held in by screws, and most are easily accessible.

It’s the 2 bottom screws that are a pain to get out. The only way I could figure out to get them out was to take a screwdriver bit, and then use a needle nose pliers from around the back side to turn the bit manually. This is tedious, but it saves the time of taking apart the center console.

And that’s it! Install in reverse. I recommend inserting and removing the bottom 2 screws into the new panel first to set the screw threads into the plastic – this will make screwing them in with the pliers much easier.

List of purchases for this project:

OEM Vehicle Parts

Qty Product Price Notes
1 Arm Rest Panel $101.48


Qty Product Price Notes
1 13pc Auto Trim Removal Tool $13.97

8 thoughts on “Replacing Center Console Arm Rest on 2014 Lexus IS350”

  1. Thanks Matt! Ive been looking all over the internet for this info. I have a 2014 IS 250 F Sport, but it looks like its the exact same procedure. However, I need the black with red stitching arm rest. Would you happen to know where to get it?

  2. Dwight Marshall

    My stapler won’t staple into that plastic to attach the new leather.. . did you just use a normal staple gun?
    thanks Dwight in New Orleans

  3. This is exactly what I need Matt thanks. Whats the best way to see if this works or which part number works on the 2015 IS350?

  4. Great guide Matt,

    I was looking to replace my center console in my 2016 IS350 as mine has torn as well. I followed your link for the model checker below:—CONSOLE-COMPARTMENT-BLACKDLROSE/69481957/5890553220C0.html

    But I could not figure out the difference between C0, C1, and C2. I am looking for black like yours but with the red trim instead of grey. I’d hate to order the entire console when I just need the leather part just like you mentioned. Again, great guide and I look forward to following it!

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