Replacing a Microwave

So our microwave has been on its last leg for a while. Several pieces of plastic are held in place with super glue. Then last night, while making my tea, sparks started shooting out of the top of the microwave (on the inside). After taking a look, it appears this thing was the cause. I have no idea what it’s called, so I’ll call it the microwave deflector. That sounds cool.

I’m not sure why it would just start sparking, but whatever. Time to get a new one. This one was manufactured in 2003 so it had run its course. We have an over the range microwave, so I was limited to that style in my choices. Old Microwave:

I wanted something immediately, so I was limited to the in stock items at the stores nearby. I did a drive by of Home Depot and Lowe’s. I had already had in mind that I wanted this microwave from Lowe’s. It was returned in the “in-stock-at-your-store” search, but the product page showed a 1-3 day wait for ship to store. Someone at Lowe’s needs to work on their product search.

I went to the store anyway to take a look at their stock. Home Depot didn’t show off their stock, but Lowe’s had all the boxes on a rack next to the displays. I didn’t see the one I wanted on display, but way at the top of the rack, I saw the product number written on a GE microwave box. Score.

I started taking apart the cabinet above the microwave. It was just a board screwed in from the side from the surrounding cabinets. What a mess above the microwave…

Everything was sticky. There was dust and dirt on everything. I removed the duct tape from the vent and started unscrewing the load bearing straps. With the microwave being all sticky, it was nasty taking it down, but I managed.

Lucky for me, the mounting bracket on the wall was the same as the one that came with the new microwave. Maybe they’re all the same? I’m not sure but I’m glad if they are. This one was grouted into the tile backsplash and that would have been a real pain.

So I cleaned everything up and propped the new microwave in place with some wood. The load bearing straps wouldn’t fit as is, since the mounting hole are in different spots. I had to re-mount them to the wall where they would hold the microwave level.

After mounting and releasing my amazing microwave stand, it was close enough to level for me. Re-attach the cabinet panel, and boom: new microwave in under an hour…


List of purchases for this project:


Qty Product Price Notes
1 GE 1.9 cu ft. Over The Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking Controls $359.99

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