Organizing Lawn Tools in the Garage

After installing one the plastic lawn tool racks from home depot in my garage.. I loaded it up with all my shovels, rakes, brooms etc… It held them all, but nothing really felt secure. The little balls that are supposed to apply pressure to keep everything up just didn’t feel good enough. But everything stayed where it should, so I went with it.

Every now and then some tools would fall out of the rack, but then one day our metal gravel rake fell off the rack — right onto my wife’s head. It gave her a nice gash on her hairline. Plus the rack even broke. This thing wasn’t safe, so it was time to come up with a better storage solution.

Here is the broken rack.

Along with the evil rake and other shovels just piled up where they couldn’t hurt anyone.

I started laying everything that needed to be hung up on the wall out on the garage floor. I didn’t realize I had so much stuff that could be organized. I was hoping it would all fit.

I just started hanging tools up where I thought they made sense. I started with the lawn/shrubbery power tools. Using some peg board hooks I was able to get most of the tools hung up. I used a spring loaded clip to hold up my push broom. These actually work quite well for lighter handled tools.

Then I started mounting the heavier tools with some vinyl coated tool hooks. I tried to get most of these screwed into the furring strips located behind the peg board. These were much more secure than the flimsy plastic rack I was using.

After a bit of rearranging, I was able to get everthing I need for the yard hung up in a *safe* manner.


List of purchases for this project:

Home Depot

Qty Product Price Notes
4 Everbilt 7/8 in. White Spring Grip $2.58
6 Everbilt 1/4 in. x 3-1/2 in. Screw-In Tool Hook $0.94

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